LANDR Review

The Best Cloud-Based Software for Mixing Music Online

best cloud based online platform for musicians

Are you looking for the best-rated cloud-based software for making music?

Or maybe you are bored at home because of constant lockdowns and you’re looking for some creative distractions.

Whatever it might be, could be a solution. Here is our Review and information that we’ve been able to get about their cloud-based music-making software.

As you probably get what their name means, it’s L and R, like Left side/speaker, Right side/speaker. I must say it’s a very cool brand name for such a company.

What Is

What is LANDR

LANDR is the AI-powered creative platform for music creators, mixing, composing, and mastering the music to its perfection. LandR comes with the full package, nothing left out for you to become a professional DJ, covering and including the music distribution, plugins, collaboration, promotion, and sample packs, to selling your songs and making a business out of what you love.

Since launched in 2014 they have helped hundreds of thousands if not millions of musicians all around the world to finally do what they love the most, which is composing the music, sharing the music, collaborate on music, and also selling the music.

They said that LADR’s mission is to give music makers the freedom to create and be heard. Their growing team is made up of left-brained creative technologists, right-brained music professionals, and everyone in between. LANDR is packed with skilled sound engineers, producers, high-level musicians and DJs, as well as fresh beginners just trying to dip their toes in colorful waters of sounds and music.

The diverse global LANDR community includes more than 1.8 million creators from 100+ countries as well as major labels, such as Warner Music GroupDisney, and Atlantic Records, renowned songwriters like Diane Warren, and musicians like MachinedrumCaleb Groh, and many others.

There is so much to explore inside the LANDR platform, as well as so much to explore with the creation of music and sound.

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