GrooveMail Review – New Email Marketing App

The Best Cost Effective Email Marketing Autoresponder on the Market

Email Autoresponder is a part of every successful digital marketer’s toolbox. Some studies even say that email marketing is still the most profitable strategy with high returns on investments.

But if you are like me, you know that it’s also one of the hardest strategies to make it really work. The key behind the high open rates and conversions is not some super psychology NLP stuff, but rather more being yourself trying to genuinely help other people.

The email communication must always have a clear message without a sales pitch in each email. People must trust you that you are genuine and trustworthy and that you can really help them with their problems.

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GrooveMail vs Other Popular Email Marketing Apps

GrooveMail is in a sense yet the best fully-featured email automation tool that exists and here is why.

The most significant thing about GrooveMail is probably its low cost.

At the moment of writing this review, anyone can grab the GrooveMail including over a dozen other digital marketing apps for a one-time payment, getting unlimited access to all Groove apps for LIFE! 

So just within a first year, GrooveMail alone will save you money if managing a list of more than 5000 email contacts.

On top of that full access to the entire GrooveFunnels Software Suite.

Now, as shown below, GrooveFunnels do save over 11,000 dollars a year if you were using all 10 apps based on the real prices, just check it out below.

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Having a fully functional email marketing software that is able to send out and successfully deliver millions of email messages each and every day without being spam flagged is a big task.

But we believe that it’s not any big of an obstacle for the Groove team of developers and marketers.

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