4. Mixing

In this tutorial, we'll cover how to mix a song on GrooveCloud. The mix can be edited in the "Mixer" section. To access it, touch on "Mixer" on the Top Menu.

For each part /channel, the mixer shows the following controls / displays (from top to bottom):

  • REVERB send knob
  • DELAY send knob
  • PAN control 
  • METER display
  • VOLUME knob

The mixer channel holds the following controls / displays:

  • REVERB time knob
  • REVERB size knob
  • DELAY time knob
  • DELAY feedback knob

All the knob / controls can be edited by touching over the object and swiping around to adjust its value. All the values are synchronized on all the connected devices automatically.

Want to use more advanced features, like filters, ADSR envelopes? Please check the GrooveCloud Manual.