1. First beats

In this tutorial, we'll cover how to compose a simple beat using GrooveCloud.

Download, install and register an account on GrooveCloud.

Create a new song using the 'new' button. If you create a 'public' song, it will be viewable, playable and editable by anyone out there. Conversely, you might create a 'private' song and invite just your friends to interact with it. You can also choose the base-note, the musical mode and the sound template (style).

Tap "Create" to start the new song. You'll land to the Pattern Editor. To start playback, hit "play" on the top-right. You can start to edit your beats by touching on the grid.

You can change the length of the pattern using the top-left button-> length.

Swipe horizontally to navigate the pattern in its length.

Want to use more advanced features, like filters, ADSR envelopes? Please check the GrooveCloud Manual